How to make a Punisher costume?

Punisher is a marvel comic that has recently been turned into a movie. There is a new movie out called Punisher: War Zone. This year, if your child or even you want a cool and dark hero costume you might consider the Punisher. The Punisher is a deeply troubled individual, who sought revenge for his family. His costume is dark and foreboding. We have materials and instructions below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Black shirt

* Black jeans

* Black boots

* Leather jacket

* White fabric


Step 1: First you need to find a tight black tee shirt with short sleeves. If you already have one in your closet you can just use that. The tee shirt is going to require some adaptation. Out of the white fabric listed above you need to create a skull. You should be able to find a pattern or picture to use for the skull’s creation. Then taking the white fabric you will sew it onto the shirt.

Step 2: After the shirt has been changed you will need the black jeans.

Step 3: The boots should be black and either cowboy or military in style.

Step 4: Adding the leather jacket will be the last touch, and is really not needed unless you happen to have a black leather jacket. You may also search at thrift stores for the correct jacket.

Your are now the Punisher!

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