How to make a Pumpkin costume?

Pumpkins are a typical costume at Halloween, but when we have thousands of costumes to choose from we might over look the very simple. We have pumpkins to surround our homes, light our windows, or to carry candy in. It makes sense that if you are looking for a fairly easy costume to create you might choose a pumpkin.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Orange material

* Black material

* Green material

* Orange pants or leggings

* Orange shoes

* Orange long sleeve shirt

* White gloves


Step 1: We will start out with the main part of the costume and then explain the other materials you will need. The main part of the costume will be the pumpkin you make. For this you will need orange material, a pumpkin pattern and sewing machine. Once you create the round pumpkin body you will need to make your pumpkin face.

Step 2: Making the pumpkin face. You can choose the type of design the pumpkin has. It all depends on your talent or the pattern you purchase. Most pumpkins have the simple face, but truly your imagination is the limit.

Step 3: After the body of the pumpkin has been completed you will need two items with the green material. You will need a collar around the body of the pumpkin. This is going to be the base of the stem.? The second item you need is a hat that will have the stem. It will help make your head part of the costume.

Step 4: The orange body suit or shirt and pants will be to keep you warm and pumpkin like. This is why you need orange shoes. The white gloves are just to set your costume apart. They could as easily be black gloves. In other words something to keep you warm and in costume.

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