How to make a Psycho Santa Costume

Capitalize on all of those Christmas goodies already in stores before Halloween rears its pumpkin head and create a scary Santa Claus costume to scare everyone into being good little boys and girls before Yuletide rolls around.

Look to such classically bad horror flicks like “Silent Night, Deadly Night” for some inspiration into creating a Psycho Santa costume of your own!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Santa Claus costume with red and white fur-trimmed jacket and pants

* Black boots (combat boots work well)

* {Fake blood)

* White Santa wig and beard

* Santa hat

* Fake {eyeball) – OPTIONAL

* Toy axe

* Large sack

* Halloween masks OR fake body parts

##Putting together your Psycho Santa costume##

Step 1: Get dressed up in your Santa Claus costume.

Step 2: Pull on some black combat boots. If you want, you can add some red acrylic paint (which would peel off easily afterward or could be easily removed with no damage to your boots) to look like blood spatters.

Step 3: Doctor up your white Santa wig and beard with some fake blood. Since you probably want to keep your Santa costume in good condition to wear again for Christmas, go crazy with the fake blood splattered on your wig and beard, like you just went on a whacky, seasonal psycho spree!

Step 4: Plop on your Santa hat. Add a fake eyeball to the pom pom on the end of the hat for a funny, macabre touch.

Step 5: Take your empty large sack bag and fill it with fake body parts. Add a little fake blood to the bag to make it look like your victims are seeping through. Ewwwww….

Step 6: Pick up your fake axe and get ready to swing from one holiday into the next!

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