How to make a Professor Severus Snape costume

Who would have thought that the “greasy git” himself (according to Ron Weasely, Severus Snape could be such a good guy after all? One of the most misunderstood characters in the Harry Potter series, potions masterProfessor Snape served as a double-agent, working Voldemort from the inside while really helping his mentor Albus Dumbledore save Harry Potter and the rest of the wizarding world from evil.

##Things You’ll Need##

* mid-length black wig

* scissors (optional)

* pale foundation (cosmetics)

* makeup sponge

* blue eyeshadow

* black eyeliner pencil

* temporary snake tattoo

* black nehru jacket or turtleneck

* black robe

* black pants

* black shoes

* wand (or long twig-branch)

* book

* potions vial

##Putting together your Professor Severus Snape costume##

Step 1: Begin applying your pale foundation to your face. Usually depicted as pale and stringy, Snape has a sallow complexion with a dab of yellow to it. You can get nice coverage that looks realistic with a makeup sponge.

Step 2: Apply a light bit of blue eyeshadow underneath your eyes to give them a haggard, bags-under-the-eyes effect. Being a Death Eater kinda takes its toll on a guy!

Step 3: Apply your fake tattoo of a snake to your inner forearm or draw your own Death Eater’s mark, branding you as a servant of Voldemort.

Step 4: Put on your black nehru jacket or turtleneck. Any shirt with a high collar in black will do. Get on your black pants and shoes.

Step 5: Swing on a wizarding robe in black. A green and black Slytherin scarf is optional.

Step 6: Put on your shoulder-length black wig. If you can’t find one that looks Snape-y enough, cut a longer black wig in a Snape-worthy style. Feel free to add a palmful of extra grease if you like!

Step 7: Grab your wand or a twig-branch sanded down.

Step 8: Add some more fun accessories like a potions vial or a heavy book full of spells.

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