How to make a princess Leia costume?

[b]Princess Leia[/b] was very popular two decades ago and is still popular today. Many girls that see the Star Wars movies wants to be Princess Leia a warrior as well as Princess. Below we have some ideas for you to create a Princess Leia costume.

[b]Things You’ll Need:[/b]

– White material to make a robe like dress

– White and silver belt

– White slippers

– Wig


Princess Leia had many costumes in the movies, but the typical costume for Halloween is her robe costume in the movie. You can create this robe with white material. It is an easy pattern as it is not formfitting at all. In fact the dress should be a little large with a turtleneck design and reach to the ankles. The arms should be a bell shape. There should be excess material at the waist to kind of float.

The belt we mentioned in things you’ll need is very important. This will give the dress a form at the waist. The belt should be white with silver design in a consistent pattern. It is meant for style as well as utility.

Once the dress is complete the hair is the next stage. If you have long enough hair you can create the braided buns at both ears. For most a wig of brown is going to be needed. The wig can be found at any Halloween shop to offer the hair style in the movie. In some scenes of the movie Princess Leia’s hair was down, so that is also an option, but less like the character to most onlookers.

Finally the last piece of costume that is necessary is the slippers. They should be white to match the dress and simple shoes.

To add more to the costume you can have a [url=]Star wars weapon[/url] as she was often seen with a pistol helping out her team.

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