How to make a princess bride costume?

Princess Bride is one of the best stories turned into a movie. If you wish to be Princess Buttercup this year, but don’t want to purchase a costume you have several options for costumes to create. We are going to describe how to make the renaissance costume she wore throughout most of the movie.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red Dress

* Long Blonde wig

* Brown boots or slippers


Step 1: The dress worn in the movie and therefore the best costume is going to be based on the medieval dresses. The color of the dress is a red orange and one solid color. The dress will be ankle length with long bell style sleeves. The design is kind of like a robe with how it flows. If you can find, a dress in this style that would be great for your authentic Princess Bride costume. Otherwise any dress with a medieval style and bell sleeves will work well.

Step 2: The only other part of the costume is the shoes. The shoes of the time were normally slippers or boots so anything that looks like brown leather shoes will work out for you.

Step 3: If you have long hair then this will work well. Otherwise you can purchase a wig that offers the blonde hair from the movie and that was described in the book. The hair can be styled in any way you wish.

If you are going to have a whole theme based on the Princess Bride another costume to choose is that of Dread Pirate Roberts. This will also add accessories to your Princess Buttercup costume in that you can have a blind fold or even rope tied around the wrists, loosely of course for the kidnapping scene.

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