How to make a Plumber costume?

Recently I was in a store that is just putting out their Halloween costumes. Then as I was searching this site I can across the same idea I’d seen in the store. A plumber costume is not something you typically think of; however many individuals find it the perfect costume. There is an old perception that a plumber will always have their butt crack showing. This is called plumber butt even if it is not a plumber giving that look. So we thought it would be fun to create your own plumber costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Low rise pants

* Short flannel shirt or tee shirt

* Work boots

* Plumber’s tools

* Greasy hair

* Dirty hands

As a plumber is a workman you will want to have a bit of dirt as part of your costume. This comes in the shape of dirty hands, greasy hair, and perhaps smudges on the face. It is not a prerequisite, but it does help add more flavour to the costume.

Step 1: The pants are what truly make the plumber butt. If you don’t want to show your own, you can get a pair of fake plumber pants with an overly large butt. You can also use padding to give the same look. The pants will need to show the top of the butt crack, but no lower. There are skin suits that you can add padding to in order to get that plumber look or you can make your own from material.

Step 2: The shirt should be flannel or a tight tee shirt. Again you can have a fat suit if you wish so that you have that belly roll and unattractive look that is the perception of plumbers.

Step 3: the work boots and any plumber tools will be accessories. You can usually find the tools in any home garage such as wrenches, pipe grease, etc. for the costume.

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