How to make a Playing Card costume?

Playing cards have been hot costumes since the Alice in Wonderland movie and story. After all you have the queen of hearts and her playing card army marching against Alice. If you wish to be a playing card this year, but don’t want to buy an already made costume we have a few ideas for you.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Card board

* Paint (all sorts of colors)

* Black pant suit

* Black shoes


Step 1: This is the main part of the costume. The playing card can be created out of cardboard. In fact you can make it like a sign you would wear advertising something. On the cardboard you can be as elaborate as you would like to be in creating the playing card face and back. The face of the card should be on the front. A simple playing card could be the diamond. You can have one, two, or even three diamonds on the front in red paint. Then you can have the correlating number and diamond in the left upper corner and right lower corner.

Step 2: Creating the back of the playing card will also be down with cardboard. The back should be something you would find on a typical deck. Again this section can be as elaborate as you would like to make it. It will depend on how artistic you feel.

Step 3: After the main part of the costume is completed you really just need to determine what is warm enough to walk around in. If it is cold outside a black pant suit may not be warm enough. The rest of the costume should be unnoticeable. In other words black tights and a skirt and long shirt may work. The sides of the costume will show your body, it is just the front and back that will be hidden.

At this time you also need sensible shoes to wear. They should also be black.

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