How to make a Pin Up Girl costume?

Pin Up Girl’s were individuals in the 40’s and 50’s. We still have their like today in the Playboy Bunnies all though there have been significant changes to the idea of Pin Up girls by Heffner. To be a Pin Up girl you will need the right style dress for the costume. Luckily you are going to find what you need either at a used clothing shop or from a pattern to help you create your own costume. You can of course buy the costume as well, but for those who love to create things let’s take a look at some steps.

##Things You Need:##

* 40’s or 50’s style bathing suit

* High heels to match

* Wig


As you can see there is not much to the overall costume to be a true Pin Up Gal. Since the entire idea was for the Boys in the war to take a bit of love with them most of the models posed in bathing suits for the magazine or pin up flyer. Betty Grabble is perhaps the best idea of a Pin Up Girl for you to model.

In the first step you need to find the appropriate pattern for a bathing suit at the time. The bathing suit was tight fitting, but not a bikini. It was a one piece suit with enough material to act like a skirt around the derriere. The top of the suit was usually two straps on the shoulders or one around the neck. It depends on what will be more comfortable for you. The suits were also not in too many colors, but red, yellow, and certainly black will be an option.

The shoes were as important as the bathing suit. They can either be black or match the color of the suit you choose. They should also be high heel shoes to show off your legs.

Lastly the hair is very important. If you don’t have the right ability for styling your hair as the 40’s or 50’s you can get a wig that will be appropriate. A lot of curl in the hair and cute little buns for the front were used. Again wigs work great for this style that you need or you can use a magazine to get the right look.

You may need to add more items to the overall costume if you will be outside in cold weather.

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