How to make a Pilgrim costume?

Pilgrims and Native Americans joined in a meal to symbolize the sharing of two nations with the food available. It was a time of piece and celebration. Pilgrims are such an important part of Thanksgiving that whether you are attending a costume party or need a costume for a school play you will want to think about them, so we have information below to help you create a good looking Pilgrim.

Materials Needed:

* Brown fabric or an old brown suit

* White fabric

* Black dress shoes

* Silver or gold buckles

* Black hat

* White socks

* Safety pins

* Cardboard


Step 1: If you have a brown suit at home you can turn it into a pilgrim costume. However if you don’t you can obtain brown fabric and a pattern to create a more authentic pilgrim. If you use an old brown suit, the pants should be form fitting. Safety pins can be used to take up excess fabric. In addition, you can use safety pins to shorten the pants legs enough to where they hit at mid-calf.

Step 2: Pair the pants with a loose button-down shirt. The shirt should be loose enough to be slightly “_ìbloused”¬ù over the pants, and should have long sleeves.

Step 2: To finish the main part of the costume you should add a white collar and white cuffs. The collar should lay flat on the chest and back. Typically you create two panels that are the same, and only tie them together around the neck. A picture or pattern should help you with the collar design.

Step 3: The white socks need to be up under the pants, so they should be calf-length.

Step 4: In the next step you need to fashion the Pilgrim-style shoes. These should be dress shoes with a gold or silver buckle on the top of each shoe. Glue or a tie will help you get them fixed in place.

Step 5: The last step is creating a round-brim hat, with a high top that is wide at the bottom and thinner at the top. Then in the center of the hat is another buckle. The hat should be black. You can use cardboard to fashion the hat, then cover it with black fabric, and attach the buckle to the front part of the hat in the middle.

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