How to make a Pig costume?

Dressing as a pig can be the perfect baby costume. Of course you can go as a pig as an adult as well if you wish. We have one idea for how to create a pig costume below to help you out. We also have the materials you will need listed below. A pig costume is one of the more simple costumes to create entirely from scratch or using materials you might have in your home.

##Things you will need:##

* Pink material

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Black material


A pig costume is relatively popular and therefore you should be able to find a pattern in any fabric store. If you can’t find a pattern you can use a sweat suit, mask, black gloves, and black shoes to make a decent pig.

Step 1: With the pattern you find cut out the body suit of the pig. The suit should be a long sleeve outfit when you are done. You may need a zipper or Velcro for the back of the costume, also. The body suit is fairly easy to sew.

Step 2: The hooves should be part of the pattern. For this you will need the black material to sew onto the pink body suit. The bodysuit may come to an end at the hands and feet to cover them up. Then you just sew the black patches on. Again this is determined by the pattern you can find.

Step 3: The last part of the costume will be the hood. The hood is separate from the pattern and will have a Velcro flap to go around the chin. On the forehead will be the pig nose, and a bit back from that will be the eyes, and then the pig style ears. On the rear of the costume you need to sew a thin curly cue style pig tail.

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