How to make a phantom costume?

Depending on what type of phantom you would like to be you have many choices in how to create a phantom costume. We have chosen the phantom costume from the movie Phantom. In this move a man who is seeking revenge for his father’s death becomes embroiled in a plot for certain treasures. To hide his true identity he wears a costume with mask.

##Materials you will need:##

* Purple jump suit

* Black leather belt

* Skull ring

* Purple mask


Step 1: To begin you need a purple jumpsuit. You can make this from scratch with your own materials and sewing machine. You can also purchase a body suit or sweat suit to fill the need you have for the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit should be formfitting to show the muscled body beneath, but it is not complete necessary.

Step 2: the black leather belt will complete the costume’s main part. The belt should have a buckle with a skull on it if at all possible.

Step 3: the mask is simply purple with cut outs for the mouth and eyes. You can probably find a purple ski mask or use the same material that was used for the jumpsuit to create the mask.

Step 4: This last step is just putting the skull ring on the finger it will fit.

The Phantom costume is very simple in style and design. You will have little trouble fashioning the perfect costume. Remember though that there are other phantom costumes to choose from such as the Phantom of Venice or Phantom of the Opera. Your choice will be made by which Phantom you like more or how different you wish to be during Halloween or a costume party.

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