How to make a Pee Wee Herman costume

The Captain Kangaroo of the ’80s, Pee Wee Herman took children’s programming by storm with his show “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” which followed on the heels of a stand-up comedy routine and feature film director Tim Burton, the classic “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” After time out of the limelight, Pee Wee is making a comeback! Get on the bandwagon early with a DIY Pee Wee Herman costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Slim-fit light grey suit (jacket and pants)

* White button down shirt

* Red bow tie

* White lace-up shoes

* White nylon socks

* Pink blush

* Hair gel

* OPTIONAL PROPS: Globe with face painted on it, Pterodactyl, red bicycle

##Putting together your Pee Wee Herman costume##

**Step 1: ** Dig out a light grey pair of pants and suit jacket. You can find one fairly easily in thrift shops or raid a relative’s attic for some good stuff! You will probably want one that is a slim fit, similar to Pee Wee’s. OPTIONAL TIP: Hem the pants or tuck them up a little bit with some iron-on tape for that slight “highwater” effect that PeeWee wears.

**Step 2: ** Put on a white button down shirt to wear beneath your suit jacket.

**Step 3: ** Pick up a red bowtie. A clip-on would be an easy choice. If you can’t find a red bowtie in a costume shop, go to the children’s clothing section of a department store and you can probably find a red clip-on bow tie with no problems!

**Step 4: ** Put on a pair of white nylon socks and a pair of white lace-up dress shoes. They can have a heel on them or not. But if you want to do a convincing Pee Wee Herman Dance to “Tequilla,” then go for ones with a heel!

**Step 5: ** Add a little pink blush to your cheeks for a slight, youthful flush that Pee Wee favors.

**Step 6: ** Slick your hair back with some gel. You can even make a slight wave in the front like Pee Wee has with his brush cut!

**Step 7: ** For a fun prop, ride a red bicycle like Pee Wee or pick up a globe (inflatable globes work great, too!) and paint a face on it to look like Pee Wee’s Playhouse pal, Globey!

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