How to make a Night Man costume (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

One of the most popular character creations to spring from the glue-huffing mind of Charlie, Night Man got his due in a rock opera on the season finale of FX’s comedy hit, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Night Man is “sneaky and mean,” the arch nemesis of Day Man whose soul he tries to steal. (But only after paying the “Troll Toll.”)

You can create your own Night Man costume easily with these simple tips:

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black sleeveless gi

* Karate pants

* Scissors (OPTIONAL)

* Black karate gi belt

* Black nylon socks

* Black shoes

* Cat eyes contact lenses

* Black eyeliner pencil or black cream makeup

* Fake goatee

* Fake tattoos (OPTIONAL)

* Hair gel

##Putting together your Night Man Costume##

Step 1: Head to a specialized karate or martial arts store and pick up an inexpensive black, sleeveless gi and matching pants. A black belt should come with it.

Step 2: If you cannot find a sleeveless one, make like Mac would and just cut the sleeves off with your trusty pair of scissors!

Step 3: Pull on a pair of black socks and black shoes.

Step 4: Pick up a pair of crazy contact lenses that look like yellow cat eyes and pop them in. Read the instructions carefully. If you’re not familiar with putting in contacts, you may need a friend to help you out to speed up the process.

Step 5: Once your cat eyes are in, take your black eyeliner pencil or black cream makeup and carefully outline your eyes, coloring in your lid all black and extending a swooping arch down from the inner corner of your eye to the bridge of your nose. Trace underneath your eye with the pencil, going from your outer corner into your inner corner, connecting with the “swoop” near the bridge of your nose. The result should be a total cat-eye look!

Step 6: You can either draw on a sinister looking goatee with your eyeliner pencil or adhere one with spirit gum or a purchase a self-adhesive goatee.

Step 7: Optional, you can pick up some fake tattoos to put on your forearm, much like Mac’s black dragon tattoo seen in pretty much every episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Step 8: Grab some hair gel and slick your hair back for a look that screams “sneaky and mean”. Make sure you have enough money to pay the Troll Toll!

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