How to make a Nick Fury costume

In the Marvel Comics universe, Nick Fury is the head of the heroes organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. He got his start as a Colonel during WWII and worked his way up to heading up superheroes, namely pulling together The Avengers.

Nick Fury recently received a surge in popularity with his cameo appearance at the end of the Iron Man movie, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson was the basis for the version of the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s Nick Fury with character drawings resembling the actor. There is talk of an Avengers movie with Jackson continuing his role, much to the delight of comic fans. Additionally, Sam Jackson is a big fan of comics himself.

Prior to that, in the Marvel-verse Nick Fury was of the caucasian persuasion. Regardless of who plays him or who he’s based on, Fury always has his signature eyepatch and cigar! A no-frills guy, putting together your own Nick Fury costume is easier than assembling a team of Avengers.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Black eyepatch

* Black leather motorcycle jacket or sport coat

* Black turtleneck

* Black pants – leather pants optional

* Boots

* Fake cigar

* White or Gray Spray in hair color (OPTIONAL)

* Toy gun (OPTIONAL)

##Putting together your Nick Fury Costume##

Step 1: Put on your leather jacket, pants, turtleneck, and boots. Depending on which version of Nick Fury you’re dressing as (Samuel L. Jackson’s version or David Hasselhoff’s version), you can opt for a black motocross style leather jacket or a black leather sportcoat.

Step 2: If you have hair and are going for the classic, comic book Nick Fury look, add a bit of gray or white spray on hair coloring just at the temples for that distinguished, aged look.

Step 3: Strap on your eyepatch, chomp on a cigar, and grab your gun to put in the holster and get ready to commandeer the most powerful collective of Marvel superheroes ever assembled!

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