How to make a nerd costume?

While we make fun of nerds in school a lot of the time they make really great costumes. So this year if you want to have a high IQ and a bit of a nerdy look for your costume party then you are in the right place. Below we offer materials needed as well as instructions on how to create a nerd costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Khaki pants

* Button down dress shirt

* Tie

* Pocket protector

* Pens and pencils

* Thick black glasses

* Parted hair

* Belt

* Dress shoes


To begin with a Nerd is normally dressed in regular clothing. In fact you probably have a lot of what you need for your nerd costume hanging in your closet. The difference in a nerd costume is how you wear the materials and how you act. We can at least help you with how to wear the clothing.

Step 1: The pants make the most of the nerd costume. The pants should be short, such as reaching to the top of your ankles. You should also have the pants pulled up high on your waist, almost to your chest. The belt will help hold the pants there. The shortness of the pants will reveal the white socks beneath. These socks are usually calf length, but they can also be folded over. The shoes will finish this part of the ensemble.

Step 2: Next is the shirt. The shirt should be a white or otherwise plain material offering buttons in the front. It is your typical dress shirt. What makes it a bit nerdy is the long sleeves, pocket protector, and pens or pencils in the pocket. The long sleeves are usually always buttoned, rather than rolled up. Then you have the tie, which can be any sort. The pattern will probably need to have math or Einstein on it if you can find one. That way you are a math nerd.

Step 3: The parted hair with mousse will add to the nerd look. You also want to have fake thick black rimmed glasses.

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