How to make a Native Indian costume?

Whether you want to be Pocahontas or a character from the Last of the Mohicans you have plenty of choices in how to create a Native Indian costume. To better help you in that endeavour we have outlined a few things you will need to make the costume for a male child or adult.

##What materials will you need?##

* Indian Headdress

* Tan tunic

* Tan pants

* Leather belt

* Warrior weapons

* Leather boots


To create a Native Indian costume you will need to have the right type of clothing. Indians always wore leather clothing because they used the hides of animals to create their clothes; therefore anything you choose should resemble this typical costume. They also sewed the costume with beads and other decorative offerings to make the clothing look more appealing. You can do this by hand or simple purchase the main part of the costume.

Then you will need to add the accessories. The accessories will be a leather belt around the waist. This is a tool belt with a knife and other warrior tools. It could also be a beaded belt that has been handcrafted. It is up to you what you can find or make.

Then you need other warrior weapons like a bow and arrow to carry with you for the hunt.

To complete the bottom part of the costume leather boots or shoes matching the rest of the costume should be worn. Moccasins are a great choice for shoe.

The last piece of the costume will be the Native Indian Headdress. This is something you will have to find. They are sold in costume stores and toy stores. The headdress can be as elaborate as you wish or simple a feather in the hair.

For a warmer costume you will want a fake fur leather coat to stay in cost

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