How to make a Mrs. Roper / Three’s Company costume

Stuck for a quick, comfy, and simple ’70s costume? Look to one of the ’70s most popular television series (which carried over into the ’80s) for inspiration and come up with a Mrs. Roper from “Three’s Company” look. The love-starved wife to cranky landlord Stanley Roper, Helen Roper was an ally to Jack, Chrissy, and Jannet — affectionately known to her as “the kids.” Sassy and into hip, new trends, Mrs. Roper rocked an oversized white girl ‘fro and fabulously gaudy muumuus as she belted Stanley with quick-witted put downs after rejecting her amorous advances.

Check out this quick tutorial for a fun, unexpected costume based on a classic TV character.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Curly brown wig (try the brown Tight Fro wig or the Fine Foxy Afro wig to get Mrs. Roper’s big hair!

* Floral caftan or muumuu in a bright floral print

* Long string of pearls

* Big, colorful earrings

* Large colorful bangle bracelets

* Oversized rings of all styles and colors

##Putting together your Mrs. Roper / Three’s Company costume##

Step 1: Put on a curly brown wig. Use a pick to slightly “poof” out some of the curls for a bigger, wilder look like Mrs. Roper sports.

Step 2: Raid Grandma’s attic or a Thrift Store to find a long, colorful caftan or muumuu with flowing sleeves.

Step 3: Put on a long strand of pearls and wind them around your neck and allow some to dangle. Add some more necklaces with oversized beads if you like, too!

Step 4: Put on a pair of colorful small hoop earrings made of plastic and some bright bangle bracelets on each arm. Put on some really big rings or mood rings on each finger… The bigger and gaudier the better!

Step 5: Go say “hi” to the “kids” when you go to pick up your rent check, or team up with an exasperated hubby dressed as Mr. Roper!

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