How to make a Mr. and Mrs. Santa Costume?

During Christmas there are a lot of times you might need a couple’s costume idea. Our Mr. and Mrs. Santa costume idea works for couples. It is also the hallmark of Christmas costumes for any party or play. Our couple’s costumes will offer you an idea of how to create the costumes from materials.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* Black leather

* Gold buckle

* Cotton

* Pillow or bunting

* Black boots

* Patterns

* Sewing machine

* Rope


Step 1:Using the pattern will help you get the correct dimensions for the costume. You can pick up a pattern for Santa and Mrs. Claus at most fabric stores. It is best to use a pattern rather than trying to create the costume from scratch. The Santa Claus needs to be a couple sizes to big for the pillow or bunting you need as padding.

Step 2: The Mrs. Claus outfit should be a dress or skirt. It depends on your preferences, but you might also consider a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit. Mrs. Santa should have some type of hat or bonnet.

Step 3: The leather and gold belt buckle will be for the Santa costume. You might consider finding a leather belt that is 3″¬ù wide.

Step 4: Both costumes will require black boots, of different styles.

Step 5: The rope is going to be used to create the gift bag you design from leftover red fabric. Depending on the dimensions of the bag you may need about 5′ of rope.

Step 6: To make the costume even more authentic you could also have presents for the bag.

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