How to make a Monk costume?

Monks make create costume ideas. They are a simple costume for someone to make and you can be silent the entire night if you wish. A monks costume takes a few simple materials, which will be listed below. We also have some steps to follow to help make the costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* A brown or red robe

* Thick rope

* Monk Wig (optional)

* Sandals

* Prayer book and beads


Step 1: To make sure you are going to be warm in your costume make sure you dress appropriately underneath the robe. The clothes will not be seen so anything you choose is fine.

Step 2: The Monk’s robe should have long bell sleeves and be long enough to be around the ankles. The robe is a shapeless item. Generally for Monks the robe will come around the neck in a high collar.

Step 3: The thick rope is going to be for the robe. To tie the robe closed Monks have the thick rope. It should be tied in a simple knot and then hang down to below the knee.

Step 4: In this step you need to find some simple sandals. Monks have given up everything in the world, which means they have the most basic clothing.

Step 5: The wig is optional depending on what type of monk you wish to be. For example in some movies a monk doesn’t have any hair at all. In other movies monks have hair with a bald spot in the center of their head. You can also just have a full head of hair. The choice is up to you.

Step 6: This is the accessories stage such as a prayer book and rosary. The items are not necessary, but do help with the costume

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