How to make a Mirana the White Queen (Alice in Wonderland) costume

Mirana, the beautiful young White Queen in the new Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland may look sweet, but something may lurk beneath her lovely surface as she attempts to take back the throne her sister, the Red Queen sniped from her. Here’s how you can make your own White Queen costume, complete with makeup tutorial!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long white wig in a slightly wavy style

* Decorative hair clip

* Pale foundation makeup

* White cream makeup

* Makeup sponges

* A light, terra cotta colored eyeshadow

* Eyeshadow brush

* Deep reddish-burgundy lipstick

* Burgundy Lip pencil

* Dark brown eyebrow pencil

* Mascara and/OR

* False eyelashes

* Tweezers

* Long white ball gown with lace and puffed sleeves.

* OPTIONAL: Scraps of lace and pearl fabric embellishments from a craft store

* Needle and thread OR

* Fabric glue

* Dark red nailpolish

* Pearl necklaces and a pearl choker

##Putting together your Mirana the White Queen (Alice in Wonderland) costume##

Step 1: Start working on your makeup. Blend the very pale liquid foundation with a touch of White Cream Makeup to make a very pale, alabaster color blend. Wash your face and spread it evenly over your cleaned skin, blending into your hairline, onto your neck and the bit of your chest and shoulders that will be exposed by your gown’s neckline.

Step 2: Load your eyeshadow brush with a bit of the pale terracotta orange/tan shade lightly dust over the tops of your lids and dab and blend a little bit beneath them and out to the sides. Really blend into the foundation so its not too obvious a color. This will really make your eyes pop, but in a subtle way.

Step 3: Curl your lashes and add a coat or two of mascara to your top and bottom lashes. If you wish, you can also add a pair of false eyelashes over the top of your real lashes. Use the tweezers to apply them (which makes things MUCH easier!), grasping one end with the tweezers and using your fingers to adjust them in place, getting them as close to the lashline as possible.

Step 4: Line your lips with a dark Burgundy Red Lip Liner. You can extend them slightly above the upper lip line for a more dramatic look.

Step 5: Grab your lip liner brush and dab some matching Deep Red Lipstick over your drawn-in mouth for a creamy finish.

Step 6: Take your Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil and go heavily over your brows with short strokes, in the direction of your natural brow growth. You may want to make them slightly bigger and bushier than your own, depending on how sparse your own brows may be. Think Brooke Shields!

Step 7: Go shopping to a teen girls’ store or a Thrift Store. You can probably pick up an old, white dress with a full skirt or a ballgown style prom dress in white on a clearance rack in one of these stores to give you a great basis for the White Queen’s voluminous gown.

Step 8: Anything your purchased gown is lacking, head to the Trimmings section of your local craft store (JoAnn, Michaels, or any other one that suits your fancy — even the Fabric sections in a WalMart or Target should have these things) and pick up some lace trim and pearl beaded trim to add to your dress. They can be tacked down with a simple bit of needle and thread, or fabric glue if you’re not too handy with a needle and thread.

Step 9: Pick up a pearl choker and a few pearl necklaces in varyng shades of white, cream, and ivory to wear around your neck for a royal look.

Step 10: Paint your nails blood red and prepare to make friends with Alice and the rest of the Wonderland crew as you attempt to take back your thrown! Own your birthright, baby!

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