How to make a Mermaid Princess costume

My daughter dressed up for her kindergarten fancy dress competition as a Mermaid Princess and she looked so gorgeous that she won the First prize.

Ofcourse her mom did all the work on the dress, complete with net scallops bordered with glitter glue. I stitched a simple skirt and stuck all the scallops onto it. Then made the tail out of silver net and wire to keep the shape.

For the top i got two heart shaped shells and stuck them in place onto a stocking and knotted it behind. The crown was made with beads and wire from the embroidery store.

I was completely satisfied with the dress and my daughter looked wonderful in it. She even shook her little behind on stage and the judges were bowled over.

Hope i have given some of the moms out there some inspiration to do this really simple beautiful mermaid princess costume.

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