How to make a mermaid costume?

Mermaids have been popular throughout most childhood’s due to the fairy tales and Disney movie. If you are looking for an inexpensive mermaid for this year we have some steps below that could help you with that.

[b]Things You’ll Need:[/b]

– Sewing machine

– Pattern

– Wig

– Any color material

– Sandals


The mermaid costume can be all one piece or two pieces. It is up to you and the pattern that you find. For most children it is easier to have a two piece costume while you are walking around getting candy. The material you choose should be based on the weather you will be around. If it will be cold you want a costume that can go over other clothing to make sure the child is warm.

For the top of the [url=]mermaid costume[/url] usually a simple item will work. If, you have a bathing suit top that will match the material for the bottom that will work out the best. You can also make a bathing suit top out of the material you purchase for the bottom. The top is always going to be some type of bathing suit top, in the Disney movie it was actually shells. If, you could find a material to offer that same look you will have the perfect design.

The bottom half is more complicated. This is where you have to decide if you are going to style the bottom in to actual fin or if you are going to leave it open for better walking. You can still simulate a fin by a thin filmy material that reflects like scales and offers a tighter appearance than the rest of the suit. The skirt should be tight from the hips to the knees. From the knees you can flair the costume out just a bit to make walking easier, but also give the simulation of the fin. The sandals you choose will need to blend in with the costume to make it easier to walk around, but not detract from the mermaid premise.

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