How to make a Mayflower Costume

The Mayflower is one of the most important ships in American history. It was the ship that transported English Separatists, or Pilgrims as we call them, to Massachusetts in 1620. It is because of the Pilgrims and Native Americans that we have Thanksgiving every November.

To honor our early ancestors and have a bit of fun with a costume party you might consider creating a Mayflower Costume. It will take a bit of work, so you may wish to start making your costume early.

##Materials Needed##

* Cardboard

* Brown Fabric (old bedsheets will work well)

* White Fabric (old bedsheets will work well)

* Rope

* Heavy-duty tape (duct tape will work well)

* Brown paint (optional)


Step 1: You will need an oblong piece of cardboard and some heavy duty tape. The cardboard will be used to design the ship’s hull. It should have a point bow with a square stern. You may have to cut the cardboard to get the right shape, so you may need more than one piece. Don’t forget to leave a hole in the middle of the cardboard so that you will be able to slip the costume over the wearer’s hips. Then use brown fabric or brown paint to cover the tape and give the cardboard a uniform color.

Step 2: Use three pieces of white fabric, cut into squares, for the sails. The three squares should be in graduated sizes, going from a smaller one for the front to a mid-size one for the middle, and a larger one for the back. Attach them to the ship with wooden dowels.

Step 3: Use the rope to indicate the ship’s rigging, and also as a means of wearing the costume. Attach the ends of a piece of rope on either side of the hole and loop the rope over the wearer’s head to help hold the costume on. Make sure the rope is long enough so that the costume hangs around the wearer’s hips.

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