How to make a Mary Poppins costume?

Mary Poppins is an English nanny made popular through Disney. Despite being an older character the story of Mary Poppins is still popular and you might just find a Halloween costume others are not taking advantage of. If you would like to create your own Mary Poppins costume then read on we have the instructions below.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* English style hat

* Blouse

* Blue skirt with pleats and a simple style

* Black boots

* Black trench coat or long black winter coat

* Umbrella

* Carpet bag or suitcase


Step 1: You may find you have the skirt and blouse in your house to use. Sometimes we have clothing that makes a perfect costume even if it was bought for other intentions first. If you don’t have anything suitable you should be looking for a skirt and blouse that is from the 1920’s England or early. These skirts were typically straight with a few pleats, offering a flair skirt rather than a leg hugging style. The blouse should have a high collar with ruffles and puffed sleeves.

Step 2: The coat was not always worn by Mary Poppins so if you don’t have it or will be inside it is not a big loss. The coat if you would like to have the accessory should be below the knee, but above the ankle length skirt. It is a typical plain black coat used for winter. It should have buttons rather than a tie though.

Step 3: The accessories are what will speak Mary Poppins to most. Mary Poppins flew in with an umbrella and a carpet bag as her possessions for the nanny position. She also wore an English style black hat with her hair in a bun.

Your hair should also be placed in an elegant style like a bun or French twist. A tidy hair style is always the staple of a nanny.

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