How to make a Mary costume

Mary is very important to the celebration of Christmas for many people. This year if you are in a play about her story or just want to go as Mary to the Christmas costume party we can help you create the perfect costume. The Mary Christmas makes a great costume for someone who is expecting, as it makes it even more authentic.

##Materials Needed:##

* White fabric

* Blue fabric

* Brown shoes

* Bunting or a pillow

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


For the adult costume you may need to add a couple of things more. Typically the child costume forgoes the expectant Mother look, but with an adult you may choose to use bunting or a small pillow to gain the appearance of the Virgin Mary carry Jesus.

Step 1: To start you need a pattern for a robe style dress. The dress will be long sleeved and go to the ankles. It should also be white. This step is fairly simple as you have the pattern.

Step 2: The next part of the costume will be the blue shawl. It can simply be a piece of fabric that you have sewn the ends to look nice. You can also go a little further and make it more of a coat style with a bit of form to it for around the head and shoulders.

Step 3: The last step is just adding some appropriate shoes that would fit the time period.

Your other option is to also have Jesus born already, which means you carry the sleeping child with you. You may use a doll wrapped in a blanket for the appropriate look.

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