How to make a Marty Madagascar costume?

Marty from the Madagascar movies is just one of the many characters you can choose to dress up as. Marty is a Zebra. With the new Madagascar movie out in theatres you might find your children want to dress up as Marty or some of the other characters. We have instructions below to help you create your Marty Madagascar costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* White and black stripped fabric

* Fuzzy black fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: Since Marty is a Zebra you will need to find a pattern either online or from a fabric store that will help you create the costume. If you can’t find a zebra pattern you should be able to find a horse. As zebra’s are related to horses in a mild way the pattern will be good enough for your costume.

Step 2: Once you find a pattern you will know how to cut the white and black stripped material to fit your child.

Step 3: After the main body of the zebra has been created you will need to work on the head, tail, and hooves. The hooves will be completely black, which means you will need a bit of black fabric as well as the stripped material.

Step 4: The fuzzy black material will be used for the end of the tail and a little tuft of hair on the head. For a zebra it is best to follow pattern and create a hood style head. Most patterns will have the zebra nose on top of the head, so the child’s face is left exposed to help them see better.

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