How to Make a Marilyn Monroe Costume for New Year’s Eve

Perhaps it is not surprising that this year one of the top New Year’s Eve costumes for women is Marilyn Monroe. There is just something about the blonde bombshell that interests numerous individuals. Perhaps it is a woman trying a new look or going with a sexy costume over something safe. If you are looking for something different this New Year it might be time to consider how to make the Marilyn Monroe costume.


*Blonde Wig

*White Fabric


*Sewing Machine

*Platform Shoes



Step 1: Plenty of online shops will sell discounted fabrics to help you create the right look for Marilyn Monroe. Two options include and You may also find the thread and pattern required for making the dress at these locations.

Step 2: The pattern you require should be a fifties dress, like the one this actress wore in the “ÀúSeven Year Itch.’ It has no sleeves instead it is a halter style top to the dress, which is form fitting on the upper torso, with a flare style skirt.

Step 3: Once the dress is made you have only to add the various accessories. Your regular makeup kit will help you create the red lips required as well as produce the right look for the eye shadow and blush.

Step 4: The wig should be extremely blonde, with no brown highlights or other colors running through it. After the wig is in place only one more step to go.

Step 5: Grab some fantastic jewelry such as a gold necklace and earings. Get your platform or high heeled shoes and you are ready to head out as the Bombshell.

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