How to make a Manny Ramirez costume

With the World Series fast approaching and the Los Angeles Dodgers in contention for the pennant, dress up as one of baseball’s most colorful characters, the likeable Manny Ramirez. Last year, he was a part of Series Winners the Boston Red Sox. This year, he was traded to the Dodgers and has continued the fine tradtition of “Manny Moments.” Now you, too, can experience “Manny Just Being Manny” for Halloween with a DIY costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long dread wig

* Goatee and spirit gum

* Baseball jersey (Dodgers or Red Sox, although if you don’t have either, a plain baseball shirt will do.)

* Matching baseball pants

* Cleats or sneakers

* Baseball cap or helmet


* Large # 24 or 99 for back of jersey.

* Baseball bat

* Baseball glove

##Putting together your Manny Ramirez Costume##

Step 1: Break out the long, dreadlocked wig with Manny’s signature hairstyle.

Step 2: Fix your faux goatee to your face with some spirit gum… Or draw one on with a black eyeliner pencil.

Step 3: Get on your baseball helmet or hat, jersey, pants, and cleats (or sneaks) and get ready to batter up! If you don’t already have a Boston or L.A. Dodgers’ jersey with Ramirez’s name on the back, don’t worry about it! Pick up a cheapie jersey and add your own number 24 or 99 to the back in appropriate colors. It doesn’t matter if you have “Ramirez” on the back of your uniform, since the dreads will cover it anyway!

Step 4: Grab your glove and a bat for some fun props and get ready to make your own “Manny Moment.”

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