How to make a Magic Wizard costume?

Magic Wizards have been around for several years as a fictional idea. This year if you need a costume party idea you might consider a Magic Wizard. There are several magic wizards from fiction to choose from such as Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings Wizards, and much more. We are going for a more general magic wizard costume in our idea on how to create one. See the materials needed and instructions below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Blue robe or fabric

* White fabric

* Wand

* Rope

* Staff


Step 1: The main part of the costume will be the wizard robe. The robe should be ankle length, with bell sleeves. However, you can also find an old robe and resurrect it rather than creating the costume from scratch. The white fabric is to create stars with to sew on to the robe.

Step 2: You will need some blue fabric for the hat. The hat should be pointed at the top in a conical shape. You can use wire to keep the hat standing up.

Step 3: The rope is to be used to keep the robe closed.

Step 4: The staff should be either fake or wood. It will need to be tall at least to waist length, but you can also have one that is a bit larger.

Step 5: Lastly the wand can be an accessory depending on what kind of wizard you are.

Under the robes you can dress in regular clothing. This will keep you warm and comfortable. The shoes you choose are also up to you. Other accessories for a magic wizard can include various styles of amulets.

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