How to make a Little Drummer Boy costume?

The Little Drummer Boy is one of the most sung Christmas songs during the holidays. If you have a child in a play or need a Christmas party costume you might consider the Little Drummer Boy. It is a fairly easy costume to great. You just need to decide on which traditional costume you would like and add a drum to it.

For example the Alpine Boy with lederhosen may be your choice for the Little Drummer Boy. You could also go for a different look like that of a drummer in a marching band.

##Materials Needed:##

* Lederhosen

* White shirt

* Green hat

* Shoes

* Drum

* Drum sticks


Step 1: You will most likely want to find the German outfit if you are going to use lederhosen, rather than trying to create them from scratch. You could also get a pattern from a fabric store and work from there. The traditional costume is a pair of short pants, with suspenders. Typically the pants and shirt are embroidered. The shirt is a white long or short sleeve affair with buttons down the front.

Step 2: The green hat can be created out of fabric. It should be a conical shaped hat, but remember a pattern might be the most helpful to get the correct Alpine look.

Step 3: Once you have the costume you just need to add some accessories and you will be ready. The drum can be anything you find. A child’s drum with drum sticks attached often works the best. If you have a real drum that is even better.

After putting on your shoes you are ready to go out the door. You can always change the costume as needed for the appearance you might have to make. For example a military uniform may be more appropriate depending on the setting.

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