How to Make a Little Bo Peep Costume?

For those of you who don’t want to purchase a costume you will find details below on how to create your own. In this section we will look at the things you will need and the instructions for Little Bo Peep. Lil’ Bo Peep is from the nursery rhymes and there are some definite things you’ll need to herd your sheep this Halloween.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Dress, preferably pink, but not necessary

* Pantaloons

* Mary Janes

* White ruffled socks

* Hat to match the dress

* Toy sheep

* Stick, white for sheep herding ( a cane works well for this)


In the section above we spoke about the things you will need. Hopefully most of the items will already be in your closet or you can borrow. The costume on a whole is fairly simple to make. The dress should be form fitting on the upper torso, but have a loose skirt that rests just above the knees. It can be any color, but pink is generally what we see for this costume. If you have an old fashioned dress like a peasant style that is better.

The pantaloons can be found or created. It is probably easier to make your own pantaloons as they are no longer an item in mainstream stores. The pantaloons need to be a pink or white material with ruffles at the cuffs, just below the knees.

The hat should match the dress and be a bonnet style rather than a knit cap. Since Little Bo Peep is a young girl you might add ribbons and ponytails to your hair and add freckles to your cheeks for that innocent look.

The shoes should be Mary Jane’s, but if you have other black dress shoes those will work. An essential part of the costume will be the half socks with the ruffle lace collar.

A cane or other stick with a curved handle will work for herding the sheep. A stuffed toy sheep can be a straggler you have to carry to complete the costume.

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