How to make a Lion King costume?

Lion King from Disney is a very popular film for children. If you child wants to be a character from a Disney film you might consider the lion king. The lion king will be a chance for you to use your creativity to create the best looking lion for your child. We have a list of materials needed as well as instructions to help you create the costume

##Materials Needed:##

* Tan fabric (fuzzy)

* Bunting or cotton

* Sewing machine

* Gold crown

* Pattern

* Face makeup


Step 1: The first thing you have to do is find a pattern of a lion. You can find patterns online or in fabric stores. The pattern you choose will help you make the main body of the lion. You will normally need to colors of fabric in order to create the Lion King. You need a tan fabric for the body, but a fuzzy brown (like hair) for the mane and end of the tail. You will want to make the body of the lion a little large to fit over regular clothing for a warmer costume. The pattern should help you create the lion’s tail, as well as hands and feet.

Step 2: Once the lion part of the costume has been made you will need to work on the face. You can make a hood to go over the head. The hood should have lions ears attached. However, the hood doesn’t have to cover the entire face. In fact you will use the make up to paint the black nose, whiskers, and mouth of the lion. You will also need to add some fake lion fur for the mane.

Step 3: After you finish the lion part of the costume you will add the gold crown to your head and be ready to go.

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