How to make a Lightning McQueen costume?

Cars is a fascinating movie with plenty of characters. If your child or you want to go as Lightning McQueen this year we have plenty of costume ideas. For those of you who like to create your own costume we have instructions below to help you do just that.

##What you will need:##

* Red material

* Stickers

* White material

* Black material

* Silver or gray material


To create a Lightning McQueen costume you have several options. The most typical costume is the actual car that hangs from the shoulders of the child. This will be a bit hard to create from scratch, but it can be done. You also have the pit crew costumes you can pattern yours after. We decided to go for something a bit more involved and a lot more fun for those who are handy with a sewing machine.

You can make the car costume for an upright design if you wish. To do this you will need the materials above. To start the top of the car will be red so you will want to create a costume that has red on one side and silver on the other to form the under carriage of the car.

On top of the child’s head will be the white material for the head lights. You will also have black material in the shape of tires on the sides of the costume.

The stickers will be used for the lightening McQueen design and can also be cut outs from material if you wish. The top of the car is the cool part so you will want the top of the car to face the front of the child. You may even create a hood to make it more car like in appearance if you wish.

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