How to make a Lady Liberty costume?

The Lady Liberty costume will be a mixture of what you can make and what you might wish to purchase. As a great costume Lady Liberty is simple to create from most things around your house. We have materials and instructions below to help you make the perfect costume.

##What you will need:##

* Tin foil

* Cardboard

* Blue paint

* Sandals

* Blue dress or material

* Book

* Red paint

* Green paint


To help you make the costume more from scratch than buying materials in the store we have outlined some of the materials you will need. You will also need a sewing machine and pattern for the dress.

To start the costume you need to make the Lady Liberty dress. This dress will be a formless shift with an outer layer to hang in folds. The dress should be ankle length with mid- sleeves. In other words the sleeves are not quite long or short. They come to below the elbow and stop.

Once the dress has been created out of a sea blue material you can start on the torch and head piece. The torch and head piece can both be formed with cardboard cut outs and a little glue or tape. After, the shapes have been created you can place tinfoil around them to strengthen them. You will also need the tin foil to create the flames.

You will need to paint the flames, torch, and head piece the correct colors. Then the only thing to finish the costume is grabbing a leather bound book and some sandals. Of course in cooler weather you might want better shoes and a larger dress so you can dress more warmly underneath, without ruining the costume.

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