How to make a Lady Gaga (Red Lace) costume

One of Lady Gaga’s most famous costumes was when she appeared wearing a red lace number on the MTV awards show. Here’s how you can make your own replica of this look for a show-stopping costume for a party.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Curly blonde wig

* Cardboard

* Scissors

* Red acrylic paint

* Paint brush

* Red dress

* Red lace gloves

* Red lace tights

* Red dress

* Half a yard of red fabric lace (from a craft store}

* Red shoes

##Putting together your Lady Gaga (Red Lace) costume##

Step 1: Put on a curly blonde wig. You will want it to hit at roughly shoulder length, so you may or may not want to cut it to suit your look.

Step 2: Make your own Red Lady Gaga crown. Take a large piece of cardboard or stiff posterboard. Measure the circumference of your head and just how big you will need the crown to be with a piece of measuring tape. Draw a straight line that will be the “base” of your crown. From there, draw tall “spikes” on the crown and cut it out.

Step 3: Once your crown is cut out, begin painting it red with acrylic paint and a paint brush. As it’s drying, you can add red sequins, crystals, or even red lace to give it some extra punch, using the paint as a sort of glue to help everything adhere.

Step 4: Once your crown is dry, glue it together so that it will sit proudly atop your head over your wig.

Step 5: Put on a red dress in either lace or a solid color, preferably with a high, mock turtleneck neckline. (Chances are, you don’t want to be as daring as Lady Gaga and won’t want your undies hanging out, so there’s no shame in going with a solid red dress!)

Step 6: Put on a pair of red lace gloves or even red satin gloves to coordinate with your dress.

Step 7: Next, you’ll need a pair of red lace tights to wear beneath your dress for more of a monochrome look.

Step 8: Put on a pair of red boots or a tall pair of red heels to wear over your tights.

Step 9: Last, but not least, the final finishing touch is to drape a piece of red stretch lace fabric over your face. Pick up a half yard of this type of fabric at a local fabric or craft store. It’s relatively inexpensive and provides the ultimate touch to this Lady Gaga look! Situate the lace underneath your crown so that it can be anchored there by your headpiece. Then, tuck it into the high neckline of your dress so that it’s draped over your face tightly. You can leave one eye peeking out for added drama, just make sure you add some serious false eyelashes to dial up your look even further! Get ready for “Bad Romance,” Little Monsters!

Step 7:

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