How to make a Ladies Joker Costume

If you haven’t seen “The Dark Knight” in theatres, run to your nearest Cineplex and prepare to be mesmerized. While Christian Bale gives a riveting performance as Batman, the late Heath Ledger exceeds the hype for his performance and steals the show.

While the Joker is going to be a wildly popular choice for a costume this Halloween, fangirls of this uber-villain can get in on the act and create their own feminine version of the Joker based off of the character in the film. You don’t always have to be Harley Quinn, sometimes you can be Mistah (or Miss) J with a little creativity. Here’s how:

##Things You’ll Need##

* A Green wig or Green spray-in hair coloring or Green hair extensions

* White face paint

* Brown face paint (or eyeshadow) (optional)

* Black eyeliner pencil

* Red lipstick

* Elmer’s Glue

* Gray reptile print top

* Green tie or scarf

* Green fitted vest

* Purple suit jacket or blazer

* Purple skirt or shorts

* Green and black striped thigh high stockings

* Green or purple shoes

* Baby oil or oil-based makeup remover for later

##Making your Ladies’ Joker costume##

Step 1: Spray in some green hair coloring. This stuff washes out pretty easily with a single washing and is always a safe bet. This gives a more realistic look and you can have your own hair color peek through.

If you’d prefer, try on a green wig or some lime green clip-in extensions to scatter through your own natural hair.

Step 2: Apply white face paint. It doesn’t have to be completely even. If you look at photos of Ledger’s Joker, his makeup job isn’t completely even. It’s patchy and haphazard, like a crazy person (duh!) applied it.

Step 3: Depending on whether or not you want your Lady Joker to be fearsome or fiercely sexy, you may want to omit this next step. Furrow your brow and trace the creases in it with the brown eyeshadow or cream makeup. This is a key step in acheiving the creepy look of the Joker as seen in “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Step 4: Ring your eyes and eyelids with black cream makeup or eye pencil to give them a scary, hollowed-out effect. Black glitter eyeshadow can give you a pretty effect and you can also try doing cat-eye liner to draw more attention to your eyes.

Step 5: Here’s the fun part to give yourself a realistic looking sort of “acid burn” around your mouth and face like the Joker has been scarred with. Instead of hunting for the perfect makeup appliance or effects makeup, you can achieve a similar effect with regular old Elmer’s Glue.

Glop on some of the Elmer’s Glue around your mouth and partway up your cheeks in the pattern of Joker’s bubbling facial scars. (Don’t get too close to your mouth! And only if you are not allergic to the glue!) As the glue is drying, move your mouth around to give it a puckered effect. Once it’s dry, it will have a flaky, dead-skin sort of effect. You can apply more layers of glue as you see fit to get the desired effect.

Step 6: Apply some vivid red lipstick. You don’t have to apply it perfectly, but you don’t want to look like Courtney Love, either for a sexy effect. An optional trick is to extend the corners of your mouth upward with the red lipstick/makeup and even into the “acid burns” applied with glue for a really freakish effect.

Step 7: Create a unique look by layering some fun pieces for your Lady Joker clothing. Try a reptile print bustier or camisole top to wear underneath a green vest. A purple velvet blazer could be fun, too along with purple shorts. Your fabrics and colors DO NOT have to match! That’s part of the fun of the Joker. He’s got his signature colors, but nothing is perfectly matched.

Step 8: Put on some green and black striped stockings to continue the color theme. Put on a pair of green or purple heels. With the ’80s retro explosion of brightly colored clothing items, it should be a cinch to find the perfect pair in a bright, Joker-esque hue.

Step 9: After the Joker’s playtime is over and you have to remove your (extensive) makeup, the easiest way to do so is with some baby oil or oil-based makeup remover. Dab some on a cotton ball and swipe over your makeup before washing your face. It should come off fairly easily. This works great for oil-based items like red lipstick which can be murder to get off with just plain soap and water.

Have fun and don’t be “so serious!”

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