How to make a Kung Fu Panda costume?

Children’s movies are usually quite popular, and Kung Fu Panda is no different. Kung Fu Panda, though released in theatres earlier this year is just now coming out on DVD. If you have a child’s birthday coming up or they just want to play dress up you might consider the Kung Fu Panda costume. We have instructions below to help you make your own Kung Fu Panda.

##Materials Needed:##

*Black fur fabric

*White fur fabric

*White leg warmers

*Tan fabric

*Red and tan stripped fabric


Step 1: To begin creating your Kung Fu Panda costume you might start with a pattern. A pattern will help you get the Panda suit with ease. You can also make the costume completely from scratch. The black and white fur fabric will be used for the main body of the suit. You might consider looking at a picture of a Panda to get the right mix of the Panda colors.

Step 2: After the Panda part has been created for the body, you will need to work on the head and face. You have a couple of options. You can have a complete mask or just a hood with ears. Then you paint the wearer’s face with makeup.

Step 3: Kung Fu Panda does wear shorts and leg warmers. The white or off white leg warmers should be easy to find, but you could also make them.

Step 4: The shorts are all tan, except for the top. The waist will need to have the red and tan stripped fabric sewn on.

Your Kung Fu Panda is now complete! Have fun on your adventure and don’t forget a few Kung Fu moves to liven up the Panda suit!

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