How to make a Kingdom Hearts costume?

Kingdom Hearts is a very popular game, and therefore offers some of the more popular costumes. If you want to make your costume this year we have a couple of ideas that you might find appealing. In the game there are more than 20 characters in which you can pattern your Kingdom Hearts costume after. Sora is the first character of note, but you also have Riku, Kairi, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse as costume ideas. In the game there are several characters called the Nothings. These characters are black blobs, which can resemble ants in some scenes, and black robed creatures in the next. It is the Nothings that we will offer for one Kingdom Hearts costume idea. We have listed the materials needed and instructions below to help you make your costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Black robe

* Black shoes

* Black gloves

* Black socks


Step 1: The robe you chose for the Nothings should be completely black with a hood. You can either make your own robe or purchase one. It must have a hood to completely cover the face. A grim reaper robe can suffice.

Step 2: To compliment the Nothings outfit you need black shoes, socks, and gloves. You should not let any skin show with the costume. In fact you may also want to cover your face with black paint. The entire look should be black as nothingness is considered.

Other costume creations like Minnie or Mickey mouse require colourful materials in the pattern you find them drawn. They are easy to make as Kingdom Hearts costumes. You can watch the game or find patterns online to make any Kingdom Hearts character. Some of the costumes have more to them than others, so the degree of difficulty must also be considered. The Nothings are rated extremely easy.

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