How to make a King of Hearts costume?

The King of Hearts is a great idea if you want the whole family to be a deck of cards. You can also just match your costume to your spouses. The king of hearts makes a great couples costume as well as singular.

##What you will need:##

* Black pants

* Black shirt

* Cardboard

* Paint or markers

* Playing card


Step 1: The main part of the costume is where we will start, though it is the last piece you will put on. The King of Hearts playing card can either be found with material or you can make it. To save money and any sewing cardboard and the right artistic talent can get you the costume you want. You can also copy a pattern onto the cardboard and then use paint or markers to color it in. You will need a front and back to the playing card. The front of the card i.e. the king will face forward. The back of the costume should be the back of the playing card. You can go really simple here if you wish by just offering one color with a logo in the middle.

Step 2: Once you have the playing card complete you are able to don the pants and long sleeve black shirt. You should also have black gloves and black shoes. The clothing is just to make sure you stay warm with the card board cut outs. You could even have snow pants and a jacket on if it will be cold out.

To wear the King of Hearts playing card you have two options. You can make the costume hang on your shoulders or try adhering it to the clothing you are wearing. The shoulders will be easier for slipping the costume off.

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