How to make a Kim Cardassian (Star Trek/Socialite parody) costume

Have you tried keeping up with Kim and the rest of the Kardashians, but find yourself too excited by the prospect of the new JJ Abrams-directed Star Trek film coming soon? Well, now you can combine the best of both worlds… Uh, literally. Here’s how to make your own “Kim Cardassian” costume, perfect to attract attention at your next costume party or even a Star Trek or comic con. It’s unique enough to elicit laughs yet still sexy enough to attract the attention of any Trekkie!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long black wig

* Cardassian mask

* Acrylic paint in red and black (for applying lipstick)

* False eyelashes

* Dress

* Padded butt

* hosiery

* {high heels)

##Putting together your Kim Cardassian (Star Trek/Sociallite parody) costume##

Step 1: Pick up a Cardassian alien Star Trek mask.

Step 2: Pick up a few small containers of acrylic paint at your local craft supply store. You will need black to emulate Kim Kardashian’s signature, heavy kohl-rimmed eyes and red for a lipstick effect. Carefully apply the acrylic paint to your mask with thin brushes. The acrylic paint will adhere nicely to the latex mask once you allow it to dry.

Step 3: Attach the faux eyelashes to your mask above the eyeholes for an alluring touch.

Step 4: Put on your newly made-over Cardassian mask and put a long black wig over the top of it.

Step 5: Strap on a fake butt to wear beneath your dress to immitate Kim Kardashian’s famous assets. Pull on a pair of tights over them and they’ll stay in place.

Step 6: Slip your dress on over it and smooth out any bumps. Put on a pair of heels and get ready to wow every Klingon and Star Fleet Academy member in your range!


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