How to make a Ka$h Kringle: Christmas Pimp costume

“Dashing with his hoes! In a one horse open sleigh!

To the corner he goes! Heaven help them if they don’t pay!”

That’s right! It’s time for Ka$h Kringle: Christms Pimp and his holiday Ho Ho Hoes to make their way into your hearts this season! A fun, unexpected Christmas costume to get you into the spirit of things with your sense of humor intact, this makes a great couples costume with a Ho Ho Ho Holiday Hooker. It’s simple and easy to make!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Red pimp costume


* Red suit

* White faux fur trim

* Fabric glue


* Needle and thread


* Sewing machine

* Green printed shirt (satin, or something appropriately pimp-ish)

* Jingle bells

* Green sequins (About one yard)

* Pimp Cane

* Red and/or white acrylic paint (OPTIONAL)

* 1 yard of Red or green satin ribbon (OPTIONAL)

* Pimp Cup (OPTIONAL)

* Shoes

* Pimp hat


* Santa hat

##Putting together your Ka$h Kringle: Christmas Pimp costume##

Step 1: Pick up a red pimp costume or grab a red suit from your closet or a thrift shop.

Step 2: Head to a craft store to pick up a yard each of faux fur trim in white, green sequins, and jingle bells. Add some ribbon, too, if you feel like decorating your pimp cane later on!

Step 3: Sew or adhere with fabric glue a bit of white faux fur trim to the lapels and cuffs of your pimp suit.

Step 4: Take the green sequins you purchased and make a green dollar sign on the front pocket (where the handkerchief would go) and a larger one on the back. (OPTIONAL).

Step 5: Depending on if you decided on a Pimp hat or a Santa hat, you can decorate your pimp hat with white faux fur to match the rest of your costume. Add a green feather to it or stick some candy canes in the brim to keep the holiday motif rolling.

Step 6: Decorate that pimp cane! You can do a lot of fun things with your pimp cane to trick it out for the holidays. If you choose either a solid white or red pimp cane, you can use some acryllic paint to paint “candy cane” stripes on it, using just one color to make swirls down the length of it. Tie red or green satin ribbon around the cane and sew a few jingle bells onto it!

Step 7: Put on your jacket, green satin shirt underneath, pants, and hat.

Step 8: Put on your shoes, grab a pimp cup and your cane, and get ready to make people very happy this Christmas Eve!

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