How to make a Julia Mancuso (Olympics) costume

U.S. Olympic skier Julia Mancuso is known as much for her prowess in the snow as she is her unusual headgear. Having won the Gold back in 2006, Julia took Silver at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. While Second Place would be a bummer to some, the Silver medal matched Super Jules’ glittering trademark tiara that she sports at the end of every race, a good luck gift from her coach. Julia loves her tiara so much that it’s actually painted onto her ski helmet! Pay homage to this unique female athlete with a DIY Julia Mancuso costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Tiara

* Light brown wig or Redhead wig

* Black parka

* Black ski pants

* Chunky turtleneck sweater

* Goggles for skiing, worn around neck

* Silver medal

* Snow boots

* Gloves

* American flag

* Ski poles OR make your own with:

* 2 long (2.5′) wooden dowels

* Black or silver-grey acrylic paint

* Paintbrush

* Black or silver pipecleaners OR

* Circular jump ring (5″ wide)

* Super Glue

##Putting together your Julia Mancuso Olympics costume##

Step 1 Put on your long brown wig or an auburn wig in a straight or slightly wavy style.

Step 2: Suit up with a chunky turtleneck sweater, black parka, and ski pants/spandex pants (if you have them. If not, sweatpants or leggings will do in a pinch!)

Step 3: Stuff your pant legs into a pair of ski boots.

Step 4: Put a pair of ski goggles or protective eye gear on. You can wear them on your eyes, but to give the ski “look” without being encumbered, you can also wear them around your neck.

Step 5: Pick up a pair of prop Ski poles (because dragging around an actual pair of skis is no fun if you’re at a party!). Or, you can make your own by following the instructions in Step 6.

Step 6: Pick up a pair of 2.5′ wooden dowels from a craft store. Paint them black or silver grey with acrylic paint. Allow them to dry and add the silver metal jump rings or pipe cleaners bent into a 5″ circle approximately 4″ from the bottom of the dowel/pole, holding them in place with a dab of Super Glue.

Step 7: Put on a pair of gloves and victoriously drape an American flag across your shoulders.

Step 8: Put on your Silver medal necklace around your neck.

Step 9: Last, but not least, add the “crowning” touch, but placing your tiara over the top of your wig.

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