How to make a Joseph costume?

Joseph is an important costume to have around Christmas time, especially if you are going to be part of the Christmas celebration regarding the birth of Christ. There are several ways to create a Joseph costume depending on what materials you want to use. Below we have materials needed and a few instructions to help you.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Tan fabric

* White fabric

* Black elastic

* Walking stick

* Sandals


Step 1: The first part of creating the Joseph costume will be the robes. The first robe needs to be long sleeved and reach to your ankles. This is the robe you make from the tan fabric. It should be a simple design and most likely you can find a pattern to use. The second robe is the dark brown. This one is meant to be more of a covering, so you can leave the front open but make the length and the arms the same.

Step 2: The next part is creating the head wear. This will be made from the white fabric. It is just a material to reach the shoulders and cover the head. The black elastic material will hold it in place.

Step 3: The walking stick should be curved and a little taller than the person. However, if you can’t find a cane style stick you can go for a straight stick for the costume.

Step 4: The sandals should be leather. If you don’t want to wear sandals make sure the robe covers your shoes.

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