How to make a John Locke from LOST costume

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Chill out, dude! This easy costume tutorial will tell you that, yes, you CAN make a simple and cool LOST John Locke costume. A fan favorite played by Terry O’Quinn, Locke has been the island’s main of faith who regains the use of his legs after the crash of Oceanic 815. After his death, he becomes the vessel for the mysterious “Man in Black.” We’re gonna kick it old school with a “good” John Locke costume, before he became Jacob’s nemesis.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Bald cap

* Pink or brown lipliner

* White t-shirt or earth-toned t-shirt

* Khaki pants

* White checkered shirt

* Brown belt

* Toy knife — or 12!!

* Two stones or pebbles

* White acrylic paint

* Black acrylic paint

* Paint brush

* Orange rind

##Putting together your John Locke from LOST costume##

Step 1: Put on a bald cap over your own hair if you don’t happen to be follically challenged.

Step 2: Grow in some stubble for a day or two.

Step 3: Use your brown lip liner pencil to draw a scar over your right eye. Start a half inch above your eyebrow and draw a thin line. Continue the line beneath your lower lid underneath your eye and make a one-inch line. Go over the brown pencil line with the pink pencil to give your “scar” depth.

Step 4: Put on either a green or brown Earth-toned t-shirt and tuck it into a pair of belted khakis.

Step 5: OR, you can put on a white t-shirt beneath a blue and white short-sleeved checkered shirt.

Step 6: You’re going to need some cool props if you’re going to be Locke. Find two small pebbles (if you don’t happen to have a backgammon set handy) and paint one white and paint the other black. Allow them to dry before you place them in your pocket.

Step 7: John Locke is known as the man with the knives. If you want to have anything like Locke’s impressive collection of cuttlery, grab up a toy knife or 12 and store them in your belt and pockets.

Step 8: Make ’em laugh and put an orange rind in your mouth, like John Locke did for young Walter when they first landed on the island.

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