How to make a John Cena (WWE) costume

A multiple-time WWE Champion, John Cena is a fan-favorite WWE Superstar with hit rap albums and at least two films under his belt in addition to his in-ring accomplishments. Brush up on your “basic thuganomics” and learn how to put together a John Cena costume that practically screams “Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.”

##Things You’ll Need##

* Baseball cap

* Muscle chest suit (Optional)

* Wristbands

* T-shirt

* Long denim shorts

* Sneakers

* John Cena spinner belt

* Dog tags OR John Cena medallion

##Putting together your John Cena (WWE) costume##

Step 1: Not everyone has the chisled physique of John Cena. To avoid having to hit the gym hardcore, pick up a muscle chest padded shirt to wear solo or underneath a t-shirt to get an insanely jacked body instantly!

Step 2: Put on a long pair of denim shorts that hit slightly above or below the knee.

Step 3: Add some wristbands and put on a pair of dog tags around your neck or pick up the John Cena WWE kit and get one of Cena’s official medallions to add to your costume.

Step 4: Put on a baseball cap and a pair of sneakers.

Step 5: Sling a WWE spinner belt over your shoulder and announce “The Champ is here” when you roll into the party. Practice your best “You can’t see me” hand gestures.

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