How to make a John Boehner costume

It’d be a crying shame not to dress up as the Speaker of the House, John Boehner for an unexpected, politically-themed costume. Relatively simple to make, the devil is in the details (particularly when it involves a plan proposal regarding the debt ceiling). Here’s how:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Short brown wig

* Grey spray-in hair color

* Comb

* Suit and tie

* Bronzer or orange and/or tan cream makeup

* OPTIONAL: Makeup sponge or bronzer brush

* Small container of saline solution

##Putting together your John Boehner costume##

Step 1: Known for his stellar “man tan,” replicate the Speaker of the House’s orange hue by applying generous amounts of bronzer, or mixing together orange and/or tan cream makeup to get Boehner’s faux glow. Blend with a makeup sponge or brush to blend into your hairline and neck.

Step 2: Put on your short brown wig.

Step 3: For a more realistic touch, spritz or dab a bit of spray-in or liquid grey hair color onto a comb and quickly run the comb through the hair of your wig. It’ll give you a slight touch of grey. You can apply a bit more of the grey color to the temples of your wig for added realism, too.

Step 4: Suit up in your most professional looking suit, tie and dress shirt.

Step 5: Carry a small container of saline solution to make those tears flow, squirting your eyes every so often for that teary-eyed look. Considering how often Boehner makes with the waterworks, you may just want to bring two small containers of saline solution to last you the entire evening.

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