How to make a Joe the Plumber costume

In a shocking turn of events on the final debate of the 2008 election, a new political figure emerged, packing even more ammo and making a bigger impact than Sarah Palin with a high-powered rifle in a helicopter. Joe Wurzelbacher, AKA – Joe the Plumber – is an Ohio plumber who has changed the face of the debate. Joe the Plumber questioned Presidential hopeful Barack Obama about how his plan to raise taxes for persons who make more than $250,000 could possibly affect Joe, who intends to start his own small business. While Joe still doesn’t crack the quarter-million salary bracket, recent reports have shown that the previously “undecided” Joe the Plumber is a registered Republican under the name of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. Although he has declined to say who he is voting for November 5th, it’s pretty easy to tell which candidate he’s stumping for.

Before Election Day, put together your own DIY Joe the Plumber costume with a few simple items. For a double-whammy, team up with a friend dressed as “Joe Six-Pack”!

##What You’ll Need##

* Bald cap

* T-shirt or polo shirt

* Iron-on patch or name tag that says “Joe”

* Jeans and a belt

* Wrench

* Toilet plunger

* Picture of John McCain with little sparkly hearts all over it

##Dressing up as Joe the Plumber##

Step 1: Slick your hair back and tuck it under a bald cap to emulate Joe the Plumber’s chrome dome style

Step 2: Find an embroidered iron on patch or create your own name tag that says “Joe” on it. Attach it to your t-shirt or polo shirt.

Step 3: Put on your jeans and belt. Giving yourself “plumber’s crack” is completely optional.

Step 4: Grab some tools of the trade commonly used by plumbers like a wrench and toilet plunger.

Step 5: Print out a picture of John McCain. Adding your own glittery heart stickers to the photo is yet another option you may want to sell your costume’s look!

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