How to make a Jerry Garcia costume

Oh, what a long, strange trip it’s been! Pay homage to one of the most mellow dudes ever — a musician so beloved that even Ben and Jerry had to name an ice cream flavor after him. Jerry Garcia, the guitarist/singer for the Grateful Dead inspired thousands of Dead Heads to pick up and follow the band on the road for a number of years. Although Jerry is gone, his spirit still lives on and you can pay tribute to him in costume form.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Grey beard and mustache

* Grey wig and/or spirit gum

* Scissors

* Tie dye shirt

* Jeans

* Guitar

* Aviator sunglasses

* OPTIONAL – Grateful Dead bear

##Putting together your Jerry Garcia costume##

Step 1: Give yourself “A Touch of Grey” and pick up a grey beard and mustache along with a grey wig. Take some scissors and trim the beard so it’s still scraggly, but not very long. Also, cut the wig so that it’s still grey and bushy, but so that it only falls slightly past your ears.

Step 2: Put on your tie dye shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Step 3: Put on your wig and strap on your beard or adhere it with some spirit gum.

Step 4: Grab a toy guitar (Jerry Garcia played a unique Les Paul, so perhaps you can find a toy replica) and tote it around with a guitar strap. For a fun touch, you can pin a colorful Grateful Dead bear or two to the guitar strap.

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