How to make a Jeff Hardy (WWE) costume

In WWE, Jeff Hardy is known for his high-flying and innovative maneuvers in the wrestling ring. Frequently referred to as “the Rainbow Haired Warrior,” for his often-colorfully dyed tresses, Jeff Hardy also has taken to painting his face with different patterns prior to his matches. Almost rock star-like in his ring attire and tattoos, Jeff Hardy makes for a great wrestling-themed costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long blonde wig

* Purple hairspray – or any other colored hairspray you choose.

* Green Cream makeup

* Brown eyeliner pencil

* White or black beater

* Black cargo pants

* Pair of black socks or black arm warmers

* Pair of arm warmers in a contrasting color like purple, green or red

* Sneakers or black boots

##Putting together your Jeff Hardy costume##

Step 1: Put on your long blonde wig. To get the “Rainbow Haired Warrior” effect, spray the bottom ends of your wig with purple hairspray and/or add some colored streaks to it.

Step 2: Rather than maintaining Jeff’s distinctive facial hair with any long-term affects to your own beard or goatee, use a brown eyeliner pencil to draw on the striped goatee effect Jeff usually rocks.

Step 3: Put on your beater and baggy cargo pants with sneakers.

Step 4: Use your green cream makeup to create Jeff’s root tattoo on your right shoulder. No need to go any further than your elbow since your arm-warmers will cover them.

Step 5: Slice some holes in both pairs of your arm warmers. You will need two pairs to pull off Jeff’s signature look, one in a plain color like black or white, and a wilder, more contrasting color layerd over them. Both will show through the holes and give you a cool effect.

Step 6: Practice your best moves and get ready to get in the ring… Or at least to a costume party!

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